Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A few short reviews

I have not been home for a while, and I packed my Kindle and Netbook but didn't want to have to deal with my laptop. This means I've read a lot, but haven't had the patience to type a full review on this cramped keyboard. I love my netbook, it fits in my purse and weighs practically nothing. Unfortunately, the downside of that is the keyboard is just small enough I can't touch type. So here are the books I've read with a brief review for now - with a full review to come at a later date:

Inferno: Training Session
by Anna Leigh Keaton

What is a couple do when they discover they are both submissive? Find a Dom couple to work with them, of course. This was an enjoyable short story with a satisfying ending. 

Garnet: A Season in Hell
by Syd McGinley

Not what I expect from Syd McGinley, but it was still an engaging story with interesting characters. This is not traditional BDSM, but there is exploration of the mental aspects of a Master/slave relationship where a very rich man has purchased the services of another for six months.There were pacing issues, but nothing terrible.

Threshing the Grain by Teresa Noelle Roberts

This is one of those erotica books you read for the plot and the worldbuilding, with the sex and kink filling in as icing on the cake. Great characters, nice worldbuilding, beautifully crafted plot... I thoroughly enjoyed Threshing the Grain. As a side note, I wouldn't mind reading more stories about the satyrs in this universe. Excellent worldbuilding.

I will give these books a full review at a later date, but I wanted to make a list so I'll remember. My habit is to finish a book and review it as soon as I read the last page. If I need to sleep on it then I write it up, sleep on it, and then make changes the next day. My organizational system doesn't allow for remembering to review a book a week later. Hopefully this will help me with that.

I am currently reading Two Masters for Samantha by Michele Zurlo. This is the third book in a series, and I'm a bit lost with some of the secondary characters that were probably main characters in previous books, but I'm fine with the main characters of this book. The author seems to have a decent grasp of BDSM, though so far the plot has been pretty predictable. I'll wait until I finish the book to say anything else.

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