Saturday, January 1, 2011

Candy's Daddy by Cherry Lee


I feel the need to point out, first and foremost, that Candy's Daddy is a story of two consenting adults who enjoy age play. There are no underage participants in the book. I appreciated that the author made it clear that the "Daddy" had no interests in real children, that his fantasies laid in the realms of treating an adult woman as a child.

Now that we've got that behind us... age play is not my thing but this book is still up in the 5 of 5 range for the hotness factor. And it is a very well written book, enough so that even though it's not one of my fantasies, the author made me enjoy it as her fantasy.

The relationship proceeded fast, blazingly fast, which sometimes annoys me. But things progressed so naturally that I was (mostly) fine with the speed.

I loved that the author pointed out the problems that can result in such a relationship - the loss of the adult self, grasping for who you really are. It happens in Master/slave relationships as well, and even Dom/sub relationships - but with age play I think it could be even more pervasive. I also enjoyed that at times Candy was a little girl who needed to be bathed and pampered, and at other times she was the rebellious teen.

Candy meets a man named Bob while working as a waitress at a bar. A one night hook up quickly turns into an intense relationship when they both admit to their inclination toward Daddy/daughter play. They play out many scenes that thrill them both. But after Candy moves in with Bob and gives up her autonomy to her new Daddy, she must decide how deep she is willing to go into her new persona.

Is she a woman playing a little girl or has she become a hybrid of both woman and girl? Can she surrender completely to Bob and be the little girl he’s always dreamed of caring for? Sometimes a woman has to leave the one she loves in order to come back to him completely.

I loved seeing Candy with her real parents, and the point being made that there was no broken relationship with Candy and her real father, and that she had no sexual urges towards her real father. I get so tired of the broken submissive who must be fixed by her Dom. This is two well adjusted adults who come together because they have complimentary kinks.

I also liked that Bob didn't allow Candy to play around at being secretive, or telling lies. He treated it as important, outside of age play -- a relationship issue, which is exactly what it was... not something to play at punishing. Kudos to the author for pointing that out.

BDSM elements:
  • Bondage and Discipline:  No bondage, but there is discipline. 2 of 3
  • Dominance and Submission: Yes, though it's pretty fluid.  3 of 3
  • Sadism and Masochism:  2 of 3.
  • Extra Point: Yes
As for the writing elements:
  1. I enjoyed the plot, even though it was nothing more than the process of the relationship forming. No outside forces trying to pull them apart were necessary.
  2. Pacing was well done.
  3. Prose and dialogue flowed naturally.
  4. Character development was exceptionally well done for the length of the story (~22,000 words) 
 Candy's Daddy deserves a 10 of 10 for a number of reasons: the storyline, the explanations without talking down to the reader, the respect shown to this particular lifestyle, and did I mention the sex and the play is Hot?
  • Book Rating: Candy's Daddy: 10 of 10
  • BDSM Intensity Level: 8 of 10
  • Heat Level: 5 of 5
I didn't put this into the Menage genre tag because it's not a Menage relationship. However, there are a few scenes with multiple partners that worked quite well for me.


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