Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Naughty: Peppermint Twist by Jeanette Grey

Peppermint Twist by Jeanette Grey

Naughty: Peppermint Twist is a fun little short story with a nice little sexual romp and the promise of more to come. Here's the blurb:

Jonas is a straight-laced executive whose only weaknesses are his peppermint mochas and the barista at his favorite coffee shop. After months of being taunted by the man behind the counter, Jonas finally snaps and calls him out for his naughty behavior. When Jonas threatens to take the barista over his knee, he gets a much more enthusiastic response than he ever would have expected.

BDSM elements:
  • Bondage and Discipline: No. There is a spanking, but it's fun, not discipline.
  • Dominance and Submission: 1 of 3. If I could give a half I would. Is submission given with a smirk really submission?
  • Sadism and Masochism: No.
  • Extra Point: No
That makes it sound as if it's not BDSM. But there is clearly a Dom and a sub... or at least a Top and a bottom. A spanker and a spankee.

As for the writing elements -- not much of a plot but it's a short story and that's okay. Pacing had a few stumbles but wasn't horrible. Prose and dialogue were fine.  Character development was sufficient for the length of the story.
  • Book Rating: Peppermint Twist: 8 of 10
  • BDSM Intensity Level: 1 of 10
  • Heat Level: 3 of 5
All in all it's a fun little read that takes place during the holidays. It's not vanilla, but the BDSM isn't too intense.

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