Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Stroke of Twelve by Kim Dare


The Stroke of Twelve worked for me. Devon is wondering rather aimlessly through life, and Mr. Templeton helps him find direction.

I loved that we see a bit of both sides, so we know how Mr. Templeton is feeling a bit as well as seeing Devon's side of it.

I had a few issues with the whole structured time thing at first, but as things progressed I understood more of the purpose.

Under normal circumstances, I think a Dom and sub should negotiate, but for a fantasy? It worked for me to have the Dom dictate things and then ask if there was a problem with what was said. He got agreement before they went to the next step.

Here is the blurb:

On the stroke of twelve Devon belongs to him for one hour. One hour that will change the course of his life forever.

Free of responsibility and provided with an independent income, Devon Ashford floats through life thinking only of where the next party might be. When a note orders Devon to present himself at Templeton, Crawford & Associates at noon on Wednesday, he’s curious enough and bored enough to follow the order.

He doesn’t know what to expect when he arrives, but it’s not to be told that on the stroke of twelve, he’ll belong to the stern man on the other side of the desk for exactly one hour. He doesn’t expect anyone to command him to strip for an inspection. Nor does he expect to follow the orders of a stranger. He certainly doesn’t imagine he could like doing that enough to go back for more.

Whatever he expects, Devon’s about to discover that what happens at the stroke of twelve could change the course of his life forever.

BDSM elements:
  • Bondage and Discipline: There isn't much bondage, and only a little discipline. But, there is a suspension scene that more than makes up for it.  3 of 3
  • Dominance and Submission: Yes. Tons of it. 3 of 3
  • Sadism and Masochism: Some, not much. 1 of 3
  • Extra Point: Yes
As for the writing elements, it was more of a narrative than a plot, but it was perfect. Pacing was mostly fine, prose and dialogue were well done, character development was perfect.
  • Book Rating: The Stroke of Twelve: 9 of 10
  • BDSM Intensity Level: 8 of 10
  • Heat Level: 5 of 5 . 

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