Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Like You by CB Conwy

I Like You is a brief follow-up to Alphabet Soup. Here is the blurb:

Everything is good between Andy and CK, especially since they said those three little words to each other. Well, their very own version of them, anyway. That's why CK's so surprised when one day Andy is reluctant to have sex with him.

It turns out that Andy wants CK, but he doesn't want the pain that his abusive ex-boyfriend inflicted on him when they had sex. CK is too much of a Dom not to seize the opportunity to push and take care of his sub, and giving in to someone you like turns out to be hotter than Andy could ever imagine.

As a follow up, it was pretty good. If you enjoyed Alphabet Soup then you will probably enjoy I Like You. If you haven't read Alphabet Soup then I would recommend Conwy's A Russian Bear over it.

CB Conwy has a good handle on the lifestyle - the toys, the sensations, the power play, and the trust elements involved.

I'm not giving I Like You a numerical rating, as it is so short, and honestly, if you haven't read Alphabet Soup I don't think it will mean that much to you. So if you enjoyed Alphabet Soup get this one, if you didn't enjoy it then you'll probably want to skip this one.

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